Dragonlabz Welcomes Nordic Startups

Dragonlabz is a venture builder with dedicated offices in Switzerland, Israel, Bulgaria, Ukraine, and since recently in Estonia as well. Our ecosystem of companies is arranged around the main operational activities covering all needs of any early stage startup to help them get market traction. The network of accelerated businesses helps new ventures scale their branding, UI/UX, content, social media optimization, software development, marketing and sales and what’s more.

In 2020 alone, Dragonlabz generated a seven digit profit in EUR and has forecasted this amount to double during 2021. Thanks to the competitive advantage to have operational teams located predominantly in Eastern Europe we can provide high quality output based on international standards while charging lower costs than usual. This allows Dragonlabz’s partners to gain up to 35% commission on each deal they bring. The main focus of the venture builder is to offer mutually beneficial opportunities by generating comparatively huge market margins.

Dragonlabz focuses its efforts into venturing inexperienced entrepreneurs with great ideas and passion for execution. Backed up by proven experience and developed modular IPs in the areas of gaming, fintech, martech, blockchain, and proptech, our team can ensure top level expertise, short time to market and cost efficiency.

Thanks to technology and nearly limitless resources many feasible ideas can be built into game-changing scaleups. The Nordic venture ecosystem is well-known as a Unicorn Factory due to the high density of startups per 100.000 inhabitants, namely 3.4 startups*. Right after Silicon Valley, the Nordics rank second with 27 unicorn businesses for the total nation of 26 million citizens. This ecosystem consisting of just 4% of the whole European population manages to produce 9% of the global total billion dollar exits since 2005. To compare the strong positions the Nordic Unicorn Factory holds, the remaining 96% inhabitants of Europe manage to generate just 8% of the world’s billion dollar exits. What is more appealing is the fact that a unicorn business is one that is valued at more than USD 1 billion and has not yet been acquired. In Nordics there is an increasing number of unicorns in the fields of greentech, smart cities, healthtech, gaming, fintech, and deep tech.

Source: https://dealroom.co/

In 2021, Dragonlabz has decided to expand its local presence in the Nordic region and introduce its network of supporting activities needed for a startup to scale. Our Founder is currently in Stockholm to source for local representatives and partnering resellers that share a similar mindset and work ethic. We, as Dragonlabz, want to redefine what it means to be a reseller. We are looking for a person who can not only communicate with ease but is also able to change lifes, literally. Nowadays an increasing number of scaleups aim at solving real-life problems and give a solution to globally addressed matters. Being a venture partner of Dragonlabz provides low entry barriers and opens up opportunities to high-demand services. Services that have the power to change the world in an innovative and efficient way.

If you wish to get even more inspired by our story and mission get in touch with us at hello@dragonlabz.com.

Dragonlabz Organisation

Dragonlabz Venture Capital (https://dragonlabz.com/)

Venture builder based in Hergiswil, Switzerland

Venturedibs Angels Club (http://venturedibs.com/)

Income generating angels club based in Hergiswil, Switzerland

Dragonlabz Backbone — Service Providers

StanVision (https://www.stan.vision/)

Experienced design and UI/UX agency crafting digital products and services that connect with people and culture based in Sofia, Bulgaria

Aloha Digital (https://aloha.digital/)

Organic growth hacking and SEO agency based in Tel Aviv, Israel

LinkEx (https://linkex.io/)

High domain authority link building agency based in Tel Aviv, Israel

LeadEx (https://leadex.io/)

B2B lead generation and sales based in Sofia, Bulgaria

Magnetix Agency (https://magnetix.agency/)

Digital marketing agency based in Varna, Bulgaria

Cryptoken Media (https://cryptoken.media/)

Crypto marketing agency based in Sofia, Bulgaria

Dragonlabz Venture Portfolio

Relite Finance (https://relite.finance/)

Cross-chain Lending Protocol powered by Polkadot based in Tallin, Estonia

Early-Stage | Recently raised 1M EUR in private token sale (100x oversubscribed)

Decimo (https://decimo.app/)

A syndicate lottery app based in London, UK

Early-Stage | Bootstrapped venture with upcoming SEED valuation of 2.5M EUR

Foodbrains (https://foodbrains.bg/)

A nutrition supplement for sport and lifestyle based in Sofia, Bulgaria

Growth-Stage | Bootstrapped venture without external fundraising

Junts (bas4e) (https://junts.io/ & https://bas4e.com/)

A social video app to bet for fame based in Hergiswil, Switzerland

Early-Stage | Raised 250k CHF in F&F with 1.5M CHF valuation

Check Ninja (https://www.check.ninja/)

Ecommerce customer verification solution based in Sofia, Bulgaria

Growth-Stage | Private Funding Round — Not Public

Securitonomy (https://www.securitonomy.com/)

Security token issuance platform based in Ta’Xbiex, Malta

Growth-Stage | Bootstrapped Whitelabel Product

Utilitonomy (https://utilitonomy.com/)

Compliant token issuance platform based in Ta’Xbiex, Malta

Growth-Stage | Bootstrapped Whitelabel Product

Dragonlabz Upcoming Ventures

Trusted Wallet (www.trustedwallet.io)

Keyless MPC digital assets wallet

Piixswap (www.piixswap.com)

DeFi meets fiat swap exchange

Accruality (www.accruality.com)

Microunits marketplace platform

MonthlyGain (www.monthlygain.com)

Residential rental property investment marketplace

Cryptostars (www.cryptostars.com)

Stealth NFT project

Satoshuffle (www.satoshuffle.com)

Innovative P2P betting operator — in stealth


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