Bold moves
shouldn't always
be risky
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Dragonlabz venture studio can give you exposure to a variety of curated startups with dedicated founders and support from our core team of industry experts.
Ideas can spark the imagination, but the right founders light the fire.

Even the best ideas can fail, which is why our methodology focuses on data-backed decisions executed with agility, flexibility and risk management to reduce the failure rate while maximizing the potential for success each time.

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Our process

We Evaluate and Validate thousands of opportunities, so that you don’t have to!

With our early-stage investments, successful projects have managed to secure up to 3x valuations.
Our rigorous process of vetting, validation and selection does most of the heavy lifting for you.

The combined strengths of our team, in line with our core values of integrity, passion and performance, ensure that we can tackle complex ventures, overcome executional challenges and deliver scalable success with the fastest time to market along with mitigated risks and commitments.

And we have our rules:

Digital only

Transactions on the server - nothing physical

Non labor intensive

From $1M to $100M revenues with the same team

Potential worth $1B

Or more in 3 years or less

Our focus

Web3 and Blockchain
Generative AI
xR (VR, AR, MR)

Join as Investor

All digital.
From onboarding to reporting
Join, explore, invest, get reports, communicate, monitor portfolio and many more.
Explore investment possiblities.
Our cherry picked ventures
We carefully select the best companies and provide you with all the information you need to reach an informed investment decision on our digital platform.
Performance is key.
Receive regular updates and access to founders
Track your investments, build your portfolio and get regular updates by the Ventures you backed.

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