Our locations

Locally based in 3 countries, but active worldwide.

Dragon HQ

  • Dragonlabz Swiss AG
    Pilatusstrasse 50
    6052 Hergiswil NW

Dragon Lairs

  • Switzerland
    Sagenstrasse 38b, 6264 Pfaffnau
  • Israel
    Arye Shenkar St 1, Hertsliya
  • Bulgaria
    Narodno Sabranie sq. 3, 1000 Sofia

Representatives locations

  • Portugal, Lisbon
  • Sweden, Stockholm
  • France, Paris
  • UK, London
  • Greece, Athens
  • Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Lagos, Nigeria
  • UAE, Dubai
Herzliya, Israel
Arye Shenkar St 1
Sofia, Bulgaria
Narodno Sabranie sq. 3,
+359 873 876 873new@dragonlabz.com
Hergiswil, Switzerland
Pilatusstrasse 50 6052

Dragon HQ

Located in Hergiswil NW, a FINMA regulated office environment with the latest security standards and an amazing view over the lake of Lucerne. An ideal location to build successful corporate structures with minimal tax implications and a safe regulatory foundation to scale internationally.

Dragon Impact Hub

Located in the heart of Sofia, accommodating our core development and design expertise - this location serves as our full scale meeting point with all partners and dragons from all over the world. It provides an ideal environment for all Dragonlabz management and portfolio teams located in Bulgaria.